Get Creative With Your Tax Refund… SPLURGE!

Tax season is an “interesting” time of year. I call it bat-s*#% crazy!  “But this is also one of those times when most couples I know have polar opposite opinions of how to approach their finances.  Men tend to spend the weeks leading up to April 15th with a furrowed brow, crunching the numbers and planning responsibly as to how and where to save/budget the tax return.  They like to call it “fiscal responsibility.” (Booooooo)   Many women (me when I’m not pregnant for three straight years, but I digress), on the other hand, also spend these weeks scrunching their brows, (which can be fixed 😉 , but with a different concern in mind.  We’re secretly praying to the Tax Return Gods – “just how many units of botox will the heavenly tax return grace us with!!   If you’re anything like me, you can still be the occasional procrastinator but multitask at the same time.  So while yes, I have procrastinated a bit with my taxes (shocker!), you know I’ve taken the time to make a serious punch list of all of the beauty splurges that Uncle Sam will be gifting me with this year 🙂 I like to convince myself that the splurges are a gift for all the hard work I put in the year before.  And yes, by work, I include accidentally dipping my fingernails straight into a pile of my kids s%&*#@ diaper as work, too. We can tell ourselves that as spring & summer approach and the sun beats down, it is our duty to make the investment to “combat the signs of aging.”   (See how using the word “investment” suddenly makes it feel very responsible? I feel like my husband can’t argue with my desire to make a good investment!) Plus, I see you–you skinny be-bopping, spandex wearing—I know you don’t eat– little college girl showing off at the gym. I SEEEEEEE YOU!!   Or heck, pull out the “its Mothers Day weekend” card if it makes spending the money feel a little bit better.  Do what you need to do to justify it. But treat yourself to something fabulous, because we all deserve it!It is our version of “fiscal responsibility” ladies, just a much prettier one!


My personal SPLURGE LIST that I’m sure you ladies can relate to:

1. Skincare products- Protect the health of your skin – it’s an investment worth the results!  Who doesn’t want their skin to GLOW, especially for the spring & summer?! Contact me and I can help design a customized regimen to fit your budget & skincare needs.  Whether you’re a product junkie like myself and love all the many steps of applying 5 different products or the type that wants to pamper their skin but a minimal routine is all you can handle – I have a regimen for everyone! Visit my online store HERE


2. The Box Service with Carly Walko of Thirty Something Fashion is something I make happen each season.  Bynow you know I have a house full of kids and run my own business, soooooo….. rummaging thru the stores is not on the top of my list.  Carly’s Box Services provides a box, filled to the brim with clothing and accessories, curated specifically for you based on a detailed survey, is
shipped directly to your doorstep.  Check out Thirtysomethingfashion  or watch this short clip about The Box Service!

– who doesn’t love too lust over a pair of heels?! My logical reasoning behind splurging on a pair of heels is keeping it classic and versatile for all season. That shoe for me is a nude pump. I know everyone wants  the “red bottom” Christian Louboutin but for me these days I have found that the Manolo Blahnik pump is more comfortable and classic.


Like this pump below or to purchase Click here!

4.  Injectables
– I love them and they have a place in the aesthetic world for sure! I
know some of you may have mixed feelings, especially if you watch any of the “housewives” shows on BRAVO. But I promise you, properly injected by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Licensed Nurse Injector with a conservative touch – you will look refreshed with out the “deer” in a headlights look” or the “puffy fish” look or one of my favs the translucent non-movable look. But moving on fillers do just that, fill in an area that has a loss of volume.  The most common areas are around the mouth or “we” call them the parenthesis lines (), the upper cheek area and of course my fav the lips. Botox on the other hand softens expressions lines, like the furrow lines between your brows, forehead and crows feet.  Again I am in love with this concept when done properly.  Personally I am looking for prevention in my mid 30’s – I plan to age gracefully and Botox is just what you need I will touch more on injectable do’s and dont’s in future posts.  Stay Tuned…

5. Dinner is served! Give
yourself a break from grocery shopping; preparing & cooking with
PLATED a company that is Chef – designed recipes with fresh ingredients delivered to your door.  Treat yourself and your family to seasonal produce from local, family-owned purveyors.  Plated,
partners with responsible companies like Sea to Table to make sure that their fish is always fresh, and wild-caught when possible.  Visit for more details.













Ever have those regretful days?! UnTattooU

As I
gracefully walk into my mid 30’s with my head held high (because I tell myself
daily that 30’s are the new 20’s and that seems to help…) I have come to
accept, own and appreciate all my life experiences having
absolutely no regrets because well, that just seems like the “Gandhi”
thing to do. You know, much like being gluten free, eating organic and
pretending to love hot yoga (does anyone really love sweating profusely in a 90
degree room with 20 perfect strangers)?  Even in my adventurous days, one
thing I never did was ink myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of wild
and crazy days and I have nothing against it- not judging at all.  I just
don’t seem to like anything longer than 3 weeks aside from my kids, hubby and
friends. A perk to ADD maybe? Somewhere in my subconscious I must
have realized this so I never had that rebelling moment of getting a
butterfly on my ankle, or the ever famous “tramp stamp.” But for
those who have and are now regretting those days – boy do I have an amazing solution
for you…

Her name is Norah Gourlay, RN, MSN who is also the Director of Operations. YOU WILL LOVE HER! She is an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist who has recently helped opened a facility called UnTattooU.  UnTattooU
offers safe, effective and pain-free tattoo removal options. Using the
latest technological innovations in laser tattoo removal, PicoSure,
clients can rest easy knowing that their procedures are performed by
registered nurses under the supervision of a medical doctor.

The ribbon ceremony has already happened & the facility is beautiful!

Check out the results below with 6 treatments of the PicoSure Laser vs 20 treatments with the Q-Switched Nd-YAG


Take advantage of 15% off your first treatment by mentioning this PROMO Code

Located near Tysons Corner at 431 Maple Ave. West, 22180



My Top 5 Things I Can’t Live Without, right now anyway…

Every woman has her list of “must have” products to have on hand at all times.
My top 5 list has escalated to a “can’t live without” status, especially since I’ve been traveling more often this year with my two favorite accessories, my daughters who are (2) and (1) years old.  Traveling with two toddlers has its list of challenges, all of which typically include crumbs, snot, and stains… but I’ve discovered that keeping my top 5 products on hand and easily accessible while traveling help to make me feel as”glamorous” and as polished as possible (in my own mind at least)  while performing my tricks to keep the Kelley Halpern circus under control. For the record, 
I do try my best to keep my cool (yes, I smile calmly as my daughter rips my hair out from the roots and laughs) and I try desperately to keep the kids entertained as not to disrupt anyone around us.  Let’s just say that some days I’m guessing that the hotel bellman would prefer to tip me for managing to prevent a scene in the lobby.


Okay, here they are: My top 5!


1.  Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant-Vanilla Grapefruit

Yes, its possible to maintain a fresh smell and it be a natural product as
well… the Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant-Vanilla Grapefruit is the only
all natural deodorant that I found that I feel works. Thru a workday or
caring for my 3 kids I have managed not to smell like (well… you know, a
stinky person). I know it’s a little pricey coming in at $14 bucks but I
have had it for 4months now and I am not near the end…. I’m also a sucker for pretty packages and don’t ya just love the feminine pink!

2. ZO Oclipse Sunscreen Primer SPF 30

I’m not one to successfully multitask but when it comes to products, I can
pull a win out for the team! This multitasking sunscreen primer is
everything I need right now for my everyday use.  There are days, I dare
to go make-up less and I love this tinted primer to give me the “dare
to go bare” courage.  The UVA/UVB broad spectrum spf coverage is perfect
for protection against aging and burning. The added bonus is the
silicone feel when applying to the skin – super fabulous!

3.  mybodys myHERO Anti-Aging Growth Factor Daytime Lotion

I am in LOVE and have been in LOVE for quite sometime now with mybodys myHERO Anti-Aging Growth Factor Daytime Lotion. This moisturizer is medical grade and packed with biomimetic growth factor peptides. myHERO promotes lifting, hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help restore youth and radiance while enhancing the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisture Factor). You will skin will feel hydrated and this moisturizer helps boost the skins immunity! All around great moisturizer and doesn’t make you feel oily at all.

4. Aquaphor

For so many different reasons, I absolutely love Aquaphor! I use it on my lips, when they’re chapped. My cuticles when they’re dry or cracked. I use it
on any cuts, burns, or chapped areas on my kids and me. My husbands
feet can be unruly at times and applying it overnight will help soften.
It works wonders to remove eye makeup. And my most recent trip to
Arizona I discovered what real dry skin feels like – not the hot humid
days in DC –this dryness was a whole new experience. My whole body was
itchy at times painful and I looked 10 years older. So I applied it head
to toe to try and get back my youth overnight that Ive worked so hard

5. ZO Exfoliating Polish
I wish the ZO exfoliating polish came in a tub size because I really
wish I could bathe in it!! Not only is this the best exfoliator right
now (I say right now b/c I’m a product junkie and I’m always looking for
the next best thing). But its medical grade – which means its stronger
than the over the counter scrubs so you’re definitely getting your
moneys worth— my pores have never felt tighter and call me crazy but I
think they’re shrinking my the minute…this exfoliator also Increases
cellular turnover and boosts collagen production to help rejuvenate
skin’s texture. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants to protect against free
radicals. I use it 2xs a week and on all the other days I use
my clarisonic brush.

If you’re interested in purchasing the ZO exfoliating polish, Oclipse Sunscreen Primer or the mybodys myHERO Anti-Aging Growth Factor Daytime Lotion – e-mail me at