Hangover Skincare Recovery

Did you spend your weekend enjoying margaritas and one too many beers?! Well good for you! However, I know it’s been a long weekend but that is no reason to start neglecting your skin now…. Too much alcohol, not enough sleep and sleeping in your makeup (don’t act like you’ve never done this) can result in severely dehydrated skin, along with that tight feeling that causes the more wrinkles than you had the day before look, not to mention the lingering headache that you will carry for most of the day…. Let me help you get your week started right!

Here are some hangover skin tips!

Step 1. Cleanse the skin with a mild gentle cleanser like:
myBody’s Gentle Cleanser Clean Routine or ZO Skin Medical’s Normacleanse.

It’s always good to cleanse with a cleanser that doesn’t leave you feeling dry or tight.


01d_NormaCleanse_0Contact me directly for this product Kelley@Kelleyknows.com

Step 2.  Apply hydrating serums that help infuse Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid to the skin which will help to alleviate discomfort, mild redness, itchy skin and helps boost hydration and natural healing abilities. Try myBody’s Calm After The Storm to give your skin a hydrating drink or BrightaminC Serum to generate
healthy collagen levels for maximum resilience, reduce wrinkles and other signs of photo-damage as well as fighting free radicals to prevent cellular damage.


Step 3.  Apply a hydrating mask like Yon Ka MASK N° 1. This intense hydration gel-cream mask with delicate floral aromas provides immediate, time-released, deep hydration: +54% after 1 hour and +96% after 8 hours. It helps the skin to combat free-radicals, aging and irritating agents. Why stop at the face?! I love to treat my neck and décolleté too!


Step 4. Apply moisturizers like ZO skin medical’s Restoracalm, mybody’s myhero ultra-rich growth factor cream moisturizer or daytime lotion to not only deliver water deep into the skin, but time-released antioxidants. These intensive bioactive moisturizing creams help correct and protect a compromised skin barrier while reducing redness to visibly bring youth, vitality and radiance to
excessively dry, aging and sensitive skin.

Contact me directly for this product Kelley@Kelleyknows.com

** To hydrate from the inside out – eat lots of fruits like strawberries & blueberries.  Steam up some veggies like green beans or eat colorful raw peppers to soak up all the antioxidants & vitamin C! Fill your body back up with some electrolytes but without all the sugar – try a couple scopes of Biosteel’s High Performance Sports Drink in a glass of water and you will be good to go! This is a family favorite in our house!!


Happy Hydrating!

Don’t Fall Victim to the holiday weekend sunburn…

The holiday weekend is here which means pool-time, barbecues, beach trips and all sorts of other outdoor activities… But don’t let a sprint for another margarita stop you from taking time to a apply your favorite sunscreen, shades & sun hat!


And if you do end up looking like a red tomato that just made out with a frying pan, PLEASE treat yourself to myBody’s Calm After The Storm.  This special daily treatment offers a natural source of hydration while it helps the healing process.
This youth boosting skincare product also helps to tighten the skin,
giving it the smooth, youthful look that you desire.  Good for all skin-types and brings rest and relaxation to hypersensitive skin. Developed with an innovative skin calming complex,
it is also ideal for use after a chemical peel, laser,
microdermabrasion or sunburn.

To purchase click here!


Here are my favorite sunscreens – both uva/uvb broad spectrum and act as a makeup primer.  I especially LOVE the added tint for the days I dare to go bare!
To purchase ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer email me at; Kelley@Kelleyknows.com
Click here to purchase myBody’s Protect & Serve Sunshield


Happy weekend!
Kelley + baby in tow

Go With Your Own Glow…

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend!  Summer is
approaching Along with sun filled days by the pool, backyard barbecues, and plenty of outside activities, comes the reality of taking care of your skin.  Let’s be honest, sun kissed skin and that bronzed “glow” makesevery girl feel beautiful and 10lbs lighter! Who doesn’t want to feel gorgeous?  But what makes us feel beautiful in the moment can actually age us drastically overnight. Overexposure to sunlight can exacerbate wrinkles, age spots and dilated blood vessels. It also can alter the skin’s texture, making it look
older. It can damage the eyes, dehydrate the skin and lead to cancer. 

Not to worry!  You can have the best of both worlds and still look and feel your best.

For my everyday on the go glow look I am loving Tarte
Brazilliance towelettes for my face.
Pruchase here!


ST. TROPEZ Gradual Tan everyday
moisturizer for my body – this product doesn’t stink, itch or stain. Purchase here!


For special occasions (those rare nights out with my girls -and I don’t mean the ones that are under 3 hanging from waist) or when I feel like treating myself – I head over to Ninotch Urban Retreat for a not only the BEST airbrush tan in town but they use ORGANIC solutions too!!! Click here for an appointment!


Another quick tip for a flawless look is Sally Hansen’s
Airbrush Legs – it’s a spray-on that you can get from the drugstore.  I use this one for travel its in everywhere in every drugstore, and super affordable, so when I toss it before I get on the plane, I don’t feel bad.


Happy Shopping!


What’s In My Spring Season Beauty Bag

While talking with the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders last night, it reminded me of all my beauty “must-haves” that I’ve been lusting for over the past couple months… and what better time to circle back and share them with you than Spring!  I am OBSESSED with illuminators and don’t know why it’s taken me so long to add one to my make-up routine?! Maybe it’s being in my mid 30’s, and not liking the way my under-eye area is looking that has caught my attention.  Either way, an illuminator can give you that fresh, bright, youthful look that you’re after everyday! Speaking of GLOW… I love to have a golden glow, but do not want to age my skin in the sun to achieve it.  Therefore, I turn to bronzers and exfoliators.   With springtime comes brighter, more beautiful colors, so I have officially started wearing my spring lip colors.  And finally, BROWS open your eyes and frame your face.  I have found that Dior Show Brow Styler is the easiest and most natural looking pencil out there right now.  The brow color is universal too! Check everything out below!

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Spray SPF 10.  This gives me a bronzing glow without the harsh aging rays of the sun & the orange spray tan look available here!


ZO exfoliating polish increases cellular turnover and boots collagen production to help rejuvenate skin’s texture.  It’s loaded with anti-oxidants to protect against free radicals. To purchase contact me at kelley@kelleyknows.com
Here are 2 illuminators that I have used & love! Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touche E’clat’ Radiant Touch available here!

Tica Beauty Mineral Illuminator available here!

Nars Cosmetics satin lip pencils – colors are yu & lodhi  available herehere. The other two are Tica Cosmetics vintage color stick & marilyn lipstick available here & here..

Dior Show Brow Styler – ultra fine precision brow pencil available here!


Love yourself,
Happy Shopping!