Hangover Skincare Recovery

Did you spend your weekend enjoying margaritas and one too many beers?! Well good for you! However, I know it’s been a long weekend but that is no reason to start neglecting your skin now…. Too much alcohol, not enough sleep and sleeping in your makeup (don’t act like you’ve never done this) can result in severely dehydrated skin, along with that tight feeling that causes the more wrinkles than you had the day before look, not to mention the lingering headache that you will carry for most of the day…. Let me help you get your week started right!

Here are some hangover skin tips!

Step 1. Cleanse the skin with a mild gentle cleanser like:
myBody’s Gentle Cleanser Clean Routine or ZO Skin Medical’s Normacleanse.

It’s always good to cleanse with a cleanser that doesn’t leave you feeling dry or tight.


01d_NormaCleanse_0Contact me directly for this product Kelley@Kelleyknows.com

Step 2.  Apply hydrating serums that help infuse Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid to the skin which will help to alleviate discomfort, mild redness, itchy skin and helps boost hydration and natural healing abilities. Try myBody’s Calm After The Storm to give your skin a hydrating drink or BrightaminC Serum to generate
healthy collagen levels for maximum resilience, reduce wrinkles and other signs of photo-damage as well as fighting free radicals to prevent cellular damage.


Step 3.  Apply a hydrating mask like Yon Ka MASK N° 1. This intense hydration gel-cream mask with delicate floral aromas provides immediate, time-released, deep hydration: +54% after 1 hour and +96% after 8 hours. It helps the skin to combat free-radicals, aging and irritating agents. Why stop at the face?! I love to treat my neck and décolleté too!


Step 4. Apply moisturizers like ZO skin medical’s Restoracalm, mybody’s myhero ultra-rich growth factor cream moisturizer or daytime lotion to not only deliver water deep into the skin, but time-released antioxidants. These intensive bioactive moisturizing creams help correct and protect a compromised skin barrier while reducing redness to visibly bring youth, vitality and radiance to
excessively dry, aging and sensitive skin.

Contact me directly for this product Kelley@Kelleyknows.com

** To hydrate from the inside out – eat lots of fruits like strawberries & blueberries.  Steam up some veggies like green beans or eat colorful raw peppers to soak up all the antioxidants & vitamin C! Fill your body back up with some electrolytes but without all the sugar – try a couple scopes of Biosteel’s High Performance Sports Drink in a glass of water and you will be good to go! This is a family favorite in our house!!


Happy Hydrating!

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