How can I simplify my getting-ready process and still hold my head up high?

There was a time when “getting ready” was an event…IPOD dock blaring Brittney’s latest jam…jumping on top of the bath tub to see the full length shot….maybe even sharing the hairbrush mic with a bestie while gulping a glass of wine.  These days are not those times.  My one year old is an angel, but it’s hard to follow the proper “getting-ready-rock-concert” procedures when she’s crying to be held.  And even when the kids aren’t around?……..I’m tiiiiiiiiired.  “She old, you pregnant” Was that door-man in Knocked Up talking about me?  So what’s a 35 year-old girl to do?  How can I simplify my getting-ready process and still hold my head up high?

I have come to the conclusion that I will not, under NO circumstances, sacrifice my anti-aging skincare routine!  I like to think that the face is the first thing you notice  coming in a close second is teeth – Therefore, in order to save time these days….

I’ve opted for either the beachy-wave-look


side beach hair



Click Here for the Kerastase K Spray a`porter or Click Here for Dry Bar’s Mai Tai Spritzer

The bun-look (with a fancy hair piece to add just a spruce of effort) or, (and this is something I’ve had a complete love affair with in recent days), the use of a few dry shampoos.  These get me at least 3 days of awesome hair without having to wash!




Click here for Bamboo Beach Mango Coconut  or Here for Keratase Powder Bluff.   These two are my killer dry shampoos that I am lusting over!

Happy Hair Shopping!


How To Get A Summer Glow

I recently shared a video about the Illuminator by Tica Cosmetics.  Now, I’m obsessed with Tica’s “baked brownzer, blush & lip color”…..“Baked” matte touch is insanely smart – the products don’t rest in any the creases of your face and the pink color is the perfect pop of color for the summer….makes me happy!

Check out my video with Marti from Tica Beauty

To purchase the Baked Bronzer, Blush or Lip Color Visit Tica Beauty Here!


To purchase the Vitascrub, Brightamin C or UVA/UVB SPF tinted primer Visit Kelley Knows Here!

Happy Shopping!

I’m in an open relationship…

With PRODUCTS people!! You know I have an affinity for a good medical prescription strength product.  I have been working in the medical industry with cosmetic surgeons for years and these lotions & potions have become my favs!  With recently becoming pregnant I’ve had to take a break from some of my favorite ingredients and turn to more all-natural alternatives.

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon this awesome line –Care Free Organics!  It’s organic, women owned and made in the USA  –
qualities I love to hear about in products!

The stand out product for me and what I plan on
continuing to use throughout my pregnancy is the 3-in-1 Eco Acai Scrub – I love scrubs and this one in particular is calming, nourishing
and leaves my face feeling clean all at the same time!

I plan on checking out the Body Bronze next!  Check out the entire line of Carefree Organics Here!



Happy Shopping!