How can I simplify my getting-ready process and still hold my head up high?

There was a time when “getting ready” was an event…IPOD dock blaring Brittney’s latest jam…jumping on top of the bath tub to see the full length shot….maybe even sharing the hairbrush mic with a bestie while gulping a glass of wine.  These days are not those times.  My one year old is an angel, but it’s hard to follow the proper “getting-ready-rock-concert” procedures when she’s crying to be held.  And even when the kids aren’t around?……..I’m tiiiiiiiiired.  “She old, you pregnant” Was that door-man in Knocked Up talking about me?  So what’s a 35 year-old girl to do?  How can I simplify my getting-ready process and still hold my head up high?

I have come to the conclusion that I will not, under NO circumstances, sacrifice my anti-aging skincare routine!  I like to think that the face is the first thing you notice  coming in a close second is teeth – Therefore, in order to save time these days….

I’ve opted for either the beachy-wave-look


side beach hair



Click Here for the Kerastase K Spray a`porter or Click Here for Dry Bar’s Mai Tai Spritzer

The bun-look (with a fancy hair piece to add just a spruce of effort) or, (and this is something I’ve had a complete love affair with in recent days), the use of a few dry shampoos.  These get me at least 3 days of awesome hair without having to wash!




Click here for Bamboo Beach Mango Coconut  or Here for Keratase Powder Bluff.   These two are my killer dry shampoos that I am lusting over!

Happy Hair Shopping!


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