Here Are A Couple Labor Day Reminders…

With Labor Day approaching you might take this weekend to get your last dip in the pool,  barbecues, or some may even hit the beach one last time.  Regarless there are all sorts of trips and other outdoor activities to be had… But don’t let the last bit of summer stop you from taking time to a apply your favorite sunscreen, shades & sun hat!




And if you do end up looking like a red tomato that just made out with a frying pan, PLEASE treat yourself to myBody’s Calm After The Storm.  This special daily treatment offers a natural source of hydration while it helps the healing process.

This youth boosting skincare product also helps to tighten the skin,
giving it the smooth, youthful look that you desire.  Good for all skin-types and brings rest and relaxation to hypersensitive skin. Developed with an innovative skin calming complex,
it is also ideal for use after a chemical peel, laser,
microdermabrasion or sunburn.

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Here are my favorite sunscreens – both uva/uvb broad spectrum and act as a makeup primer.  I especially LOVE the added tint for the days I dare to go bare!


Click here to purchase myBody’s Protect & Serve Sunshield and to purchase ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer email me at;





Happy Birthday To Me!

People have frequently asked me if my products and my skincare routine actually work.  My humorous response is always “well, I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to find out!” 🙂 So, I decided it would only be appropriate to celebrate my 36th birthday this year by analyzing my skin with the VISIA!  The VISIA’s advanced technology provides a Complexion Analysis as well as meaningful skin evaluations, on-screen and printed reports, and tracks treatment progress.  Seems as though my skincare regimen over the years has been working.  (big pat on the back for me).  100% is the best score and I would say from the pics below, I did pretty darn well.  😉 Check out my results!! If you’re ever interested in having your skin analyzed and/or having a consultation for treatment recommendations, please come and see me..  I am located at
Ruff Plastic Surgery In Georgetown at 2440 M St. NW Suite 200, Washington, DC.
I look forward to seeing you!