Here Are A Couple Labor Day Reminders…

With Labor Day approaching you might take this weekend to get your last dip in the pool,  barbecues, or some may even hit the beach one last time.  Regarless there are all sorts of trips and other outdoor activities to be had… But don’t let the last bit of summer stop you from taking time to a apply your favorite sunscreen, shades & sun hat!




And if you do end up looking like a red tomato that just made out with a frying pan, PLEASE treat yourself to myBody’s Calm After The Storm.  This special daily treatment offers a natural source of hydration while it helps the healing process.

This youth boosting skincare product also helps to tighten the skin,
giving it the smooth, youthful look that you desire.  Good for all skin-types and brings rest and relaxation to hypersensitive skin. Developed with an innovative skin calming complex,
it is also ideal for use after a chemical peel, laser,
microdermabrasion or sunburn.

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Here are my favorite sunscreens – both uva/uvb broad spectrum and act as a makeup primer.  I especially LOVE the added tint for the days I dare to go bare!


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Happy Birthday To Me!

People have frequently asked me if my products and my skincare routine actually work.  My humorous response is always “well, I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to find out!” 🙂 So, I decided it would only be appropriate to celebrate my 36th birthday this year by analyzing my skin with the VISIA!  The VISIA’s advanced technology provides a Complexion Analysis as well as meaningful skin evaluations, on-screen and printed reports, and tracks treatment progress.  Seems as though my skincare regimen over the years has been working.  (big pat on the back for me).  100% is the best score and I would say from the pics below, I did pretty darn well.  😉 Check out my results!! If you’re ever interested in having your skin analyzed and/or having a consultation for treatment recommendations, please come and see me..  I am located at
Ruff Plastic Surgery In Georgetown at 2440 M St. NW Suite 200, Washington, DC.
I look forward to seeing you!









Who Says Only Men Shave Their Face?

You know that scene in “This is 40” where Paul Rudd is hiding from his wife and family in the bathroom playing on his iPad?  I get it.  It goes along with my favorite slogan, “I just want to pee alone”.  Alone time in the bathroom is my own personal spa time.  And being a skin and product addict, I quickly become a bathroom scientist 🙂   I decided to Dermaplane myself at home.  What’s Dermaplane, you ask?  It’s a medical exfoliation treatment performed in a clinical setting (doctor’s office or medical spa with a licensed professional) using a blade to “shave” away the outermost layers of the skin. Yes!!!  I took a medical treatment and made it an “at home remedy”.  I SHAVED MY FACE!

photo(2)We all know that pregnancy can be a beautiful thing.  Embracing the 9 months of many changes and awaiting that little bundle of joy.  However… let’s be real.  There are two parts of my life that I’m missing desperately during my pregnancy!

For starters…  the ability to bend at the waist when reaching for a glass (or four) of wine while eating a high-mercury-laced-full-of-bacteria piece of sushi, having no fear of some creepy guy stopping to rub my belly, and confidently knowing that my next trip to the bathroom won’t reveal a new sprout of chub or speckle of cellulite somewhere new.  Oh… the joys of pregnancy!  (I think the belly rubbing might be the worst part).

But there is also the skin-fanatic side of me that’s going “loco” while I miss out on some of the products, treatments & procedures that I live by and use regularly when NOT pregnant 🙂 Right now, I am totally respecting the the “safe” list  including: NO retin-a, NO skin lighteners, NO chemical peels, NO lasers, NO botox, and NO fillers. (that’s a lot of NOs..)   All great, I get an A+ for rule following for once in my life… but a girl’s gotta live!!!  Feel the wind through her hair!!! What I think I’m saying is that  I need a little excitement in my skin care routine, pregnancy style.  And this is what led me to my “at home Dermaplane”

I bought a facial blade from AMAZON, like this one here and took matters into my own hands. Not sure that my bathroom is a clinical setting, but I’ve managed to make it one 🙂

tinkle-eyebrow-razor-350x350After cleansing and pat -drying my face, I then gentle held my skin taught and began to  use the facial blade in a downward motion like pictured below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.59.38 PM

Interesting little tid- bit… some of the most famously beautiful women including Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra shaved their faces.  TRUTH!   Doing this can help remove dull dead skin cells and give your face a brighter more radiant look, as well as removing fine baby hairs to make your face feel smoother.  Smart ladies…. they knew the secrets before photo shop was around 😉 Another tid- bit before I leave you….. Dermaplaning is Safe for pregnant women AND contrary to popular belief, your hair WILL NOT grow back more or thicker.

Shave Away,




Big D With A Touch Of B

I’m back… I missed you!

And recently, one of my best friends, Donald, came back too—self-proclaimed “Six-foot six and full of tricks” To those who don’t know Donald, he’s achieved a bit of “first name celebrity status” in these parts (much like Angelina or Brad has done worldwide, but not really). But for the past two years, Donald has been working in Africa on a military base. He has hardly ever complained about not having the luxuries from home. What he does miss, however, is one of the simple necessities of life —BOTOX! He’s getting by overseas. But like Samantha from “Sex in the City” once declared, “Nothing in life is guaranteed but Botox.”


And so, when a friend like Donald comes back to town, I can offer him a few key things… a good laugh, a respectable (but not great) glass of wine & info on where to get the BEST BOTOX in town!


Botox can be a bit of a taboo subject.—the cost, the effect, (the accusations?). But Taboo Shmaboo. I love Botox –

For these few reasons….

* It gives you a very natural look of being well rested and relaxed, especially when you find an injector who has a conservative and gentle touch -which I have found at Ruff Plastic Surgery  here in DC. Trust me. If I came out looking like one of the Bravo (deer in headlights) Housewives, then I’d be afraid of Botox too! But not to worry… Here’s how to test if you’re a candidate or not.  If when you’re in resting position, you have fine or deep lines on the forehead,  between the brows or around the crows, Botox will -when done right, addresses them.  Talk about a magic eraser! It truly does make you look rested –which we all want — and no longer looking mad or frustrated.

* Another reason I love Botox is that it doesn’t last forever. To really get a feel for the difference it can make, you can sample a splash of it here or there. You will soon discover the amazing results. Once injected, it takes 3-5 days to start working. And on average, it lasts 4 months. It takes effect slowly and then gradually fades away — keeping with the natural theme.


I look at Botox as a secret weapon to help keep my look “fresh.” As kids are adding up around this house, and I don’t foresee a long, relaxing nap anywhere in my near future, I rely on Botox to keep me looking well rested. I’m in my mid 30’s and I’m not trying to look younger, just fresh. I continue to take care of my skin with medical grade products, peels and occasional laser treatments. But 1 to 2 times a year, I will treat myself to a splash of BOTOX!

Check out Donald’s before & after pics below. He had Botox injected to 3 areas: forehead, crows and between the brows.


I will continue to share more before & afters here on the blog.

Stay tuned…



How can I simplify my getting-ready process and still hold my head up high?

There was a time when “getting ready” was an event…IPOD dock blaring Brittney’s latest jam…jumping on top of the bath tub to see the full length shot….maybe even sharing the hairbrush mic with a bestie while gulping a glass of wine.  These days are not those times.  My one year old is an angel, but it’s hard to follow the proper “getting-ready-rock-concert” procedures when she’s crying to be held.  And even when the kids aren’t around?……..I’m tiiiiiiiiired.  “She old, you pregnant” Was that door-man in Knocked Up talking about me?  So what’s a 35 year-old girl to do?  How can I simplify my getting-ready process and still hold my head up high?

I have come to the conclusion that I will not, under NO circumstances, sacrifice my anti-aging skincare routine!  I like to think that the face is the first thing you notice  coming in a close second is teeth – Therefore, in order to save time these days….

I’ve opted for either the beachy-wave-look


side beach hair



Click Here for the Kerastase K Spray a`porter or Click Here for Dry Bar’s Mai Tai Spritzer

The bun-look (with a fancy hair piece to add just a spruce of effort) or, (and this is something I’ve had a complete love affair with in recent days), the use of a few dry shampoos.  These get me at least 3 days of awesome hair without having to wash!




Click here for Bamboo Beach Mango Coconut  or Here for Keratase Powder Bluff.   These two are my killer dry shampoos that I am lusting over!

Happy Hair Shopping!


How To Get A Summer Glow

I recently shared a video about the Illuminator by Tica Cosmetics.  Now, I’m obsessed with Tica’s “baked brownzer, blush & lip color”…..“Baked” matte touch is insanely smart – the products don’t rest in any the creases of your face and the pink color is the perfect pop of color for the summer….makes me happy!

Check out my video with Marti from Tica Beauty

To purchase the Baked Bronzer, Blush or Lip Color Visit Tica Beauty Here!


To purchase the Vitascrub, Brightamin C or UVA/UVB SPF tinted primer Visit Kelley Knows Here!

Happy Shopping!