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New Year, New You!

As cliché as it sounds, I love to start the new year with all sorts of resolutions. The biggest resolution being to actually try and finish the year having kept them 🙂 So I decided to make a mental checklist of resolutions as I prepared for our New Year’s Celebration this year.

So there I was..getting dressed in my room in anticipation of the night (which by the way has definitely become my favorite part of New Year’s!) Feeling sassy thanks to my dear friend, Carly Walko of Thirty Something Fashion with my, Karina Gramaldi dress and shoes sprawled out just waiting for me to slip into them, products lined up, hair and make-up in the works.




All set with my glass of wine within arm’s reach by the sink, and maybe (just maybe) I had my iphone turned all the way up blaring “Shake it Off” channeling my inner Taylor Swift (don’t judge!) I mean, that, in itself, feels almost like a perfect night, right? Does anyone really need that big drunken New Year’s kiss at midnight? Actually, I still kind of like that…makes every girl feel special going into the New Year. Although if another baby comes out of me nine months from tonight, that will not be cool. (special thanks to the bartender at last year’s New Year’s Eve party at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Scottsdale for contributing to our third daughter’s conception.. Cheers to you!) But alas, I’ve mellowed out enough that I now feel like a nice dinner and a decent picture to Photoshop and post on instagram is a considered a successful New Year’s Eve.


Just as I slipped into my stilettos and zipped up my dress (another success 4 months post baby- YES!) I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and smiled. Feeling good! And then I laughed realizing that I was trying hard not to succumb to a huge yawn.. Like a lot of people may feel (especially moms and anyone feeling their age a little bit) I was beginning to wish New Year’s celebrations started at 10:30 instead of midnight 😉 I looked long and hard in the mirror and made my mental checklist of resolutions:

• Eat healthy –TBD if raw cookie dough is healthy or unhealthy
• Workout more regularly- not just when I’m having “fat moments.”

Fair enough, two standard resolutions–I’ll give it a shot!
So far, so good….but the rest of my list might be more like a practical joke I insist on playing on myself! But here it goes anyway…

• Wake up early every morning to workout before the kids wake up. HA! not a chance!!
• Spend more cautiously –yea, okay!
• And this one is my all time favorite– drink less. Who’s fooling who here? – NO ONE likes a skinny, cheap, sober chick!

So as I stood there, I realized that I am so incredibly thankful for the year I’ve had. It’s been an amazing new adventure. I love to learn more & challenge myself and that is exactly what I’ve done. And really, without the pressure of a list of resolutions. I’ve had a successful year by simply staying true to who I am and doing what I know is best for me, and for my family. So my REAL resolution this year? To continue to take everything in moderation, work hard; enjoy life with my awesome family and friends. Farewell to 2014 and a job well done! If you could see me right now, I’m patting myself on the back and looking forward to 2015…


I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone who has supported this blog!!! I’ve enjoyed sharing some of the insights of my life, especially the ones on skin care and beauty tips. To kick off 2015, here is a list of important tips to begin Winterizing your skin. As winter rolls through, and everyone clings to that image of finally getting to the beach in the summer, what most people don’t realize is that a lot of that important preparation begins NOW.

This time of year you should consider these simple tips to Winterize your skin:

1. Shower once a day for 10 minutes or less. Use luke warm water – hot water will strips the natural oils.
2. Moisturize daily immediately after showering – your pores are open and use a serum. Serums Like Calm After The Storm will hydrate, soothe and provide loads of hyaluronic acid to give you hydrated youthful skin but in a serum form instead of a creme..

3. Protect your skin from the inside out – YOU are what you eat!

4. Treat yourself to a great scarf! Who doesn’t love a reason to purchase a new accessory?! I turn to ThirtySomethingFashion for all fashion ideas!

5. For your chapped lips Aquaphor  is a MUST!!


Please continue to follow along with me as I continue to learn & share skincare/beauty tips throughout the years to come.

Happy New Year!